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Oval Public Realm Scoping Study


    The Oval Public Realm Scoping Study was prepared for Lambeth and the Oval Partnership in 2008 by Scott Wilson -a global integrated design and engineering consultancy for the built and natural environments.


For the full report, click on the following link

Download Oval Public Realm Scoping Study (60Mb)

    The study involved consultation with local community groups, businesses and residents and sets out the case for the greening of ,and investment in, the Oval area. It recommends techniques and priorities for implementing local public realm ‘projects’.  The slide show on the right shows selected pages.  Six priority projects were identified in the scoping study:

(i) St Mark’s churchyard and

(ii) Oval House Theatre

    The first project was originally considered as one large project.  It was subsequently decided that the best chance of success was to divide it into two parts and focus on one. As the Oval Farmer’s Market had been a great success, the project that emerged was the  St Marks Churchyard and Farmers’ Market Project.  Plans were drawn up and options put to the public in a consultation day at the farmers’ market.  The improvements drew widespread support and funds are now being sought to take the project to the next stage

    Given the current economic climate, it will take many years before the vision of an improved public realm will be fully realised.  Priorities will change and, no doubt, the plans will evolve to reflect these.  However, it is important to keep pressing the case to improve the neighbourhood.