Local history

This is a timeline of notable events in local history relating to the Kennington Oval Vauxhall area

21st Century

2011 St George Wharf pier opens for business on 3rd October
2010 Mesolithic  timbers found near Vauxhall Bridge
2005 New Vauxhall Bus station
2001 Oval Partnership formed
2000 First residents move into St George Wharf

20th Century

1999 Friends of Vauxhall Park founded
1995 Secret Intelligence Services (aka MI6) move to Vauxhall Cross (building dates from 1992)
1994 Bonnington Sqaure Garden
1986 Harleyford Road Community Gardens
1982 Roots and Shoots established
1978 Keybridge House (17 floors 76m)
1975 Market towers 23fl 88m
1974 Sirinham Point 18 floors (88 flats)
1971 Vauxhall underground station (Victoria Line)
1969 Vauxhall Society formed
1940 Air raid shelter in Kennington Park hit by bomb killing many
1933 St Anselms church completed
1931 Kennington Park Lido opens (closed 1987)
1903 St Annes Roman Catholic Church, Vauxhall

19th Century

1899 Belgrave Hospital for Children (closed 1985)
1890 Minet Library, Vauxhall Park,
Oval and Kennington underground stations (Northern Line),
Calvary Church for God in Christ
1889 Durning Library
1888 South Lambeth [Free Tate] Library
1877 St Agnes Church (rebuilt 1958)
1863 St Peters Italian Church
1861 St Stephens Church (rebuilt 1967)
1860 St Peters Church
1854 Kennington Park opens
1848 Vauxhall overground station, Chartist ‘Monster Rally’ on Kennington Common
1845 Turfs laid for Oval Cricket Ground
1836 Imperial Court, Claylands Congregational Church
1824 St Marks Church, Kennington

18th Century

1799 Last execution at Kennington Common
1794 The Oval ‘White House’
1758 Brunswick House

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