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Improvements to St Marks Churchyard path

02 Mar

At a meeting yesterday, the Friends of St Marks Churchyard recommended proceeding with repairs/improvements to the 105m of churchyard paths used by the Oval Farmers’ Market.  The work is expected to be paid for by City and Country Farmers’ Market/Oval Partnership/Friends.

At the moment, the churchyard path on the Oval Triangle side of the churchyard is 2.1m wide.  In contrast the path used by the market on the Prima Road side is 1.5m.  The plan is to widen the path to match the other side and to repair the 70 or so broken pavers

The red line in the following images illustrate the approximate line of the expanded path way.



Save Vauxhall Bus Station campaign at Oval Farmers’ Market

02 Mar

The community stall at the Oval Farmers’ Market has always been a good place to canvas views of the local population on a variety of issues.  Yesterday, it was being used by the Save Vauxhall Bus Station campaign. Activity at the stall appeared brisk.

I wasn’t directly involved (too busy doing follow up consultation on the Oval Triangle and attending a Friends of St Marks Churchyard meeting) but understand the  majority canvassed were not aware of the proposal to demolish the bus station and were against it once they had heard.  A minority had no opinion on the matter and only a small minority were content for it to be demolished.

There can be little doubt that the Vauxhall gyratory area needs to be improved.  However, Lambeth and TfL appear to have polarised local opinion by ‘promoting’ what they think the solution is before they had asked the local community.  Now there seems to be some back tracking going on but the damage has already been done.  My preference would be to get behind a positive vision for  Vauxhall gyratory and I haven’t seen one yet.

Let’s not forget that the TfL/Lambeth legacy to the area has been three of the top 10 most dangerous junctions in London for cyclists (Vauxhall gyratory, Oval junction, Elephant and Castle).   Vauxhall Bus Station opened in 2004 and ten years later it is threatened with demolition by those responsible for putting it there in the first place.  Their past record does not instil me with confidence that a sensible vision for Vauxhall will emerge from this process.  Perhaps it is time to let the local community try.


Fallen capital at St Marks Churchyard update

11 Jan

On Saturday 21st December 2013, a high sided delivery vehicle visiting the market dislodged the ‘capital’ of one of the St Marks Churchyard entrance pillars causing the capital and its capping to fall to the ground (‘Capital’ is an architectural term for the ornate part at the top of a column). Fortunately, no one was hurt but the capital, its capping and concrete paviours below sustained some damage. As Christmas and New Year have intervened, progress in getting the damage repaired has seemingly been a little slow but the work is not trivial and it will probably take a few months to sort out. It is expected that the works will be organised by Lambeth Parks but will be paid for by the relevant insurance company.

The Friends of St Marks Churchyard met today and undertook to chase progress. For posterity, below are some photos taken on the day of the incident and 21 days later.


Oval Farmers’ Christmas Event

17 Dec

The Friends of St Marks Churchyard started in October 2013 and they were organising their first Christmas event last Saturday.  Lots of new members were signed up and the mulled wine was definitely worth having.  I was very impressed by the effort put into contacting local businesses who made donations towards the event.  Carols were courtesy of Kennington Choir. Here are some pictures from the day.



Kennington Oval Cleanup – Saturday 30 November 10:00 to 12:00

26 Nov

VOLUNTEERS WANTED to clean up the Kennington Oval this Saturday.  Please come if you can.

The Kennington Oval is the triangular piece of land opposite the Oval Station and St Marks Church, Kennington.  I can’t  remember the last time the community got together and did anything in this space.  Certainly not in recent years.   This Saturday we are getting together to clean it up – mostly sweeping up the leaves and anything else that needs doing.  We want to transform this space so that it is better used. Too long has this been an  island cut off by busy roads.  If you have some ideas on how it might be used come and join us.



St Marks Churchyard tidy up October 2013

12 Oct

A lot of effort goes into organising volunteer events but the weather can easily scupper the best plans. Earlier in the week the weather prospects didn’t look too good and on Friday it was pumping down with rain. Fortunately, the rain held off and some 30 volunteers including children turned out to help tidy up the churchyard. Compared with previous events, volunteers were taking on much more difficult tasks. Here is what we achieved:

* The largest pot holes were repaired;
* Repair of play ground railings underway (being paid for Lambeth Parks);
* Grass repairs continuing;
* Stonework cleaning commenced (this is a massive job);
* Area behind gravestones cleared

When ever you put on events like this there are always a few things that go wrong. This time it was the skip being put in the wrong place. As it was already partially filled, it proved very difficult to move. We waited for a few people to arrive and then made a concerted effort to move the skip. it is surprising what you can do with enough people. Here are a few pictures from the day


Spaghetti Squash

28 Sep

It’s always nice to see a new trader at the Oval Farmers’ Market and this one had sold out by lunchtime. I must admit to never having heard of “Spaghetti Squash” before. When this particular type of squash is cooked, the flesh forms strands a bit like spaghetti hence the name. One day I’ll have to get someone to explain to me the difference between a squash, gourd, pumpkin etc.

Spaghetti Squash


Zumba demonstration at Oval Farmers’ Market

08 Jun

Zumba is a dance fitness program that originated in Columbia in the 1990s and is now practised in some 150 countries around the world. Sarah French, a local fitness instructor, and some dance class members were demonstrating Zumba dancing at the Oval Farmers’ Market today. Sarah runs two local Zumba courses on Mondays at Ashmole Primary School (from 18:15) and on Wednesdays at Lilian Baylis School (from 18:45) See Sarah French’s Zumba website.  It looks fun – so I’ll definitely give it a try.


Lambeth Co-operative Youth and Play stall at Oval Farmers’ Market

25 May

Today I was helping out on the Lambeth Co-operative Youth and Play stall at the Oval Farmer’s Market. The focus today was on promoting the Kennnington Park One O’Clock Club/Adventure Playground this coming wednesday. Lambeth want to encourage local communities take on the management and runnning of certain youth and play services. The Kennington Park site will include a new £1M building and the idea is that Lambeth will contribute to the running costs of this for the first few years with the aim of the services becoming self- sustaining.

Here is a list of some local forthcoming events:

• Wednesday 29th May 1.30-3.30pm Kennington Adventure Playground /One O’clock Club
• Wednesday 12th June 1.30-3pm Vauxhall Park One O’clock Club
• Friday 14th June 1.30-3pm Slade Gardens One O’clock Club

Although these events are being held during the day while the services are open there will be other opportunities to get involved. If you are interested in finding out more please e-mail or telephone:

Telephone: 020 7926 0136


The future of local youth play services

16 May

Are you interested in the future of local youth play services?  Would you like to get involved in managing/running these services?  Lambeth are planning some consultation events:

•       Wednesday 29th May 1.30-3.30pm  Kennington Adventure Playground /One O’clock Club
•       Wednesday 12th June 1.30-3pm Vauxhall Park One O’clock Club
•       Friday 14th June 1.30-3pm Slade Gardens One O’clock Club

There will also be a stand at the Oval Farmers’ Market on Saturday 25 May 2013.

Lambeth are looking to take a more co-operative approach to delivering local youth play services and would like to hear from individuals or groups that might be interested in managing/running  services currently delivered by Lambeth.  Are you interested?


Telephone: 020 7926 0136