Oval Triangle cycling event

27 Feb

With all the Clapham Road flooding going on this evening it seems more pressing matters will be on people’s minds but I did want to mention an event that took place this morning on the Oval Triangle.  It may not be the safest or quietest venue but the Oval Triangle was chosen to launch the Transport Committees cycling report.  Those who visited were offered a little breakfast, a free bike service from Dr Bike and security marking from the police.  Val Shawcross and others from the London Assembly were there.

I was really pleased to be seeing this space used in this way and hopefully it will be used again.  TfL are expected to make some money available to improve this strategic green space in the middle of the Oval Junction. Some preliminary consultation has already taken place with the next round being held at the Oval Farmers’ Market on Saturday

Here are some pictures from this morning.






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