Kennington Oval [the name has got to change] clear up

30 Nov

Many thanks to all those who turned up to clear ‘Kennington Oval’.  It was a confusing start though as people didn’t know where ‘Kennington Oval’ was so volunteers started in the churchyard!  Still, the team finally found it by 10:30 and managed to make a good start on clearing up.     Let’s hope Lambeth street care,  who are responsible for cleaning the area, get the hint.

The name of the space has certainly got to change. I’m not sure who in Lambeth started calling this triangular space  Kennington Oval but it is plain wrong.  I think it best that we leave ‘Kennington Oval’ for the cricket ground and the road that goes around it.  As the space has been triangular since about 1820 – getting on for 200  years – I think we might as well start calling it Kennington Triangle .  This seems particularly apt as the volunteers ‘disappeared’ for a while this morning and contractors seems to avoid the area as if it were the Bermuda Triangle 🙂

Starting to get a few ideas about how best to use the space but it is early days yet.  A leak was pointed out near the bus stop – water is flowing up through the ground near a tree and flowing out onto the pavement.  Apparently it has been like this for years.  Surely not.   Here are a few pictures of the day.


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  1. phyllis todd

    December 3, 2013 at 16:40

    As regards the water leak I can confirm it has leaked for years! I think when they did the paving at the pointed end they thought they had fixed it.