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How not to install a cycle hire stand

30 Jul

Meadow Road cycle hire rank Although I’ve got my own bike, I’m still a great fan of the cycle hire scheme and welcome it being rolled out into local communities.  However, even I was taken aback by the scale of planning incompetence shown by this one in Meadow Road. Don’t they ever consult with local people? They have managed to locate this cycle hire stand at the junction of three blind corners. To see what I mean, check out Google street view here

As if that wasn’t bad enough, users would have to stand in the middle of the road when taking and removing the cycles. Talk about an accident waiting to happen.  On the off chance that users manage to avoid being hit by cars coming out of the Ashmole Estate or travelling along Claylands and Meadow Roads then they still have street robbers to contend with.  There have been a number of robberies in this area and the presence of the cycle rank at this particular location is asking for trouble.


Dorset Road has the best local green wall

30 Jul

Dorset Road Green WallIf you happen to be around the area, take a walk down Dorset Road and you will see this fine example of a green wall.

I’m not sure on the practicalities of installing and maintaining one of these walls but I will be watching this one with interest to see how it evolves over the coming years.  It is certainly better than a bland rendered wall and I only wish they extended it down to the ground if only so that we can take a closer look at how it works.


Another award for Van Gogh Walk

12 Jul

Now and forever, we can call it the multi-award winning Van Gogh Walk.

Today, some of those associated with the development were there to accept yet another accolade this time for ‘best community led project’ from LGN Street Design Awards and well deserved to. This adds to their urban street design award  from New London Awards and a highly commended by the judges of the Charles Maher Award 2013.  Those attending included Councillors Lib Peck (Leader of the Council) and Steve Bradley (Vassal Ward). This was a community led project  and local residents were there to accept the award.

Van Gogh Walk is clearly a masterpiece of urban design and children and adults clearly love it.  It will be interesting to see how it matures over the coming years.   In some ways the work is just  beginning as the builders leave and  the community begins to take ownership of the space.  There are plans to improve the planting and hopes that a local housing trust will do its bit to live up to the high standards set by Van Gogh Walk by improving the properties under its control.  Let’s hope that the spirit of Van Gogh Walk spills out into neighbouring streets and beyond to the rest of the neighbourhood and Lambeth.  We will all be happier and safer if it does.


Next Oval Partnership meeting Wednesday is on 10 July at 7:30pm in Kennington Park Keepers Lodge

03 Jul

Want to find out what’s going on in the community or help out?

All are welcome to the next public Oval Partnership meeting will be held on Wednesday 10 July  (7:00 for 7:30pm) at the Bee Urban/ Kennington Park Keepers’ Lodge site.  This venue has been chosen because it is due to be demolished as part of the plans to extend the Northern Line.  Bee Urban  who are hosting the meeting, occupy the site and have asked for support from the local community and to raise awareness of the threat they are under.  If you haven’t seen their bee hives, garden and green roof (by far the best in the local area) you are in for a pleasant surprise.

The main items on the agenda are:

  • Proposal to fix St Marks Churchyard playground railings (Update: Work progressed by Oval NEP officer and will be paid for by Lambeth Parks)
  • Next volunteer event at churchyard (60 people attended the last one)
  • Management committee – anyone interested in joining
  • Northern Line Extension – next stop public enquiry?
  • Closure of Kennington Park Crown Post Office?
  • Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme
    • Free car parking spaces to support local businesses?
    • Suggested sites for possible mural

We will also be showing two short films: one on the Oval Farmers’ Market and one on the Northern Line Extension.  It would be helpful to get some feedback on the films and see whether there is any merit in producing some more on the local area.

Local Map Bee Urban