One way to clear street clutter and vandalise bike at same time

15 Jun

Street Clutter ClearingThe Oval Crossing is one of the top ten most dangerous junctions for cyclists in London.  It seems that the risk also extends to parked bicycles.  I took this picture this morning at the corner of Brixton and Prima Roads which leads into the junction.  It seems like a vehicle mounted the pavement and managed to take out a cycle stand, bollard and bin not to mention crushing the bike.

I’m not a great fan of street clutter and doubt whether bollards provide much protection to pedestrians if a car does mount the pavement.  Much as I would like to remove a lot of street clutter, I would stop short of using this method.

I don’t know the circumstances of this particular incident but some drivers go a little too fast through this junction.  There are aspirations to extend 20mph speed limits to residential roads but perhaps TfL need to look at the speed limits on red routes like Brixton Road.  It would be nice to be able to say that Kennington/Oval roads are to go safety to not to speed through.




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  1. Steel

    November 18, 2013 at 13:46

    It looks to me as if the bollard wasn’t buried deep enough to provide adequate protection for a pedestrian.