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Van Gogh Walk and Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme

28 Apr

Lambeth are to be congratulated on their steet improvements to Van Gogh Walk (Vincent Van Gogh – the artist of sunflower fame – lived in Hackford Road for a while). The area is an excellent example of how local residential environments can be improved with a relatively modest investment. When pedestrians are given greater priority in this way, it makes the area much safer for children, cyclists and residents as cars are forced to slow down. Another benefit is that crime is likely to reduce. Anything that encourages the community to get out of their homes and take ownership of their streets the safer they are likely to become.

Lambeth are currently consulting on their Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme and have invited views from local communities as to what is wanted. Many people will just ask for pot holes to be repaired but it would be nice to see something similar to Van Gogh Walk being rolled out to various areas around the neighbourhood. The Claylands Road area, the Wheatsheaf centre, Vauxhall City Farm and many other areas would benefit from this approach.


Something for Waitrose fans

28 Apr

For fans of the Waitrose supermarket chain, a new ‘Little Waitrose’ opened earlier this month near the Vauxhall bus station. Nice to see them supporting local charities including the nearby Big Issue and the Friends of Vauxhall Park (you can vote for which one with a token).

The new ‘Little Waitrose store takes up most of the ground floor of the Travel Lodge and adds to the other highstreet supermarket chains around the Vauxhall gyratory area – Sainsburys Local and Tesco Metro. All we need now is Morrisons and Asda to move in and we’ll have a full house of the major UK supermarket chains. Waitrose at Vauxhall


Golden chariot skips out of Oval House Theatre

28 Apr

Oval House Theatre Golden Chariot Popped into the Oval House Theatre to get a copy of their latest programme.  I couldn’t resist this picture of a golden chariot in the skip outside – perhaps it didn’t have parking permit 🙂

The Oval House is currently running a ‘Gods and Monsters’ season.  Here is what is coming up:
* ‘Cuddles’ 14 My to 1 June
* ‘The Bear’ 21 may to * June
* ‘Adventure Misadventure’ 4 June to 22 June
* ‘Shield’ 11 June to 29 June
* ‘The Ted Bundy Project’ 24 May to 25 May
* ‘Taranis’ 1 June