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Four peregrines spotted at Key Bridge House

29 Jun

Has any one got a 500mm telephoto lens so I can get a decent picture of our local  peregrines? My lens isn’t up to it. 

Take a walk down Fentiman Road in the evening and you just might spot four  peregrine falcons perched on top of Key Bridge House -the brutalist BT building on South Lambeth Road behind the church.  A pair of peregrines have been nesting there for a few years now and it looks like the new brood are getting learning the ropes.

With all the tall buildings planned around Vauxhall, I can’t help but think that this is one particular group of local residents that will welcome them.


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How dangerous does something have to be before it is fixed?

27 Jun

A section of railings at St Marks Church Kennington was damaged some time ago presumably as the result of vehicle impact. The railings now hang precariously. If they fall, it will be into the children’s playground behind. Whilst we should not forget that blame should be placed on whoever damaged the railings in the first place, the responsibility for fixing them now falls to Lambeth. I met with representatives the other day and offered to get some volunteers to attempt a fix. Not unreasonably, Lambeth wish to call in some professional help to fix it.

As I travel around the neighbourhood I often see things that need fixing. This is one of the more dangerous defects that I am aware of. It begs the question:

How dangerous does something have to be before it gets fixed?

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BT Building Key Bridge House Peregrines 2012

17 Jun

Choose the right time of day at the corner of Fentiman and South Lambeth Roads and listen very carefully.  With a bit of luck, you might hear the BT building Key Bridge House peregrines. They seem to be flying around a lot at the moment so should be easy to spot.  I managed to get two of them in this picture perched on the roof but it is right at the limit of my camera and lens set up.

In previous years the nest had a live web cam but not this season.  Here is a recording from 2011 to show you what we are missing.

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Happy Fathers’ Day 2012

17 Jun

It’s not traditional to give flowers on fathers’ day, but below are some photos of flowers in bloom this morning. Roses are somewhat past their best at this time of year but as you can see there are still enough around.

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Local Picture Quiz

12 Jun

How much do you know the local neighbourhood?

This is a collection of ‘animals/birds’ taken in and around the Kennington Oval Vauxhall area. Give yourself a point for everyone you know…click on the picture if you don’t. How do you rate?

0-4 You had better get out more
5-8 A pretty good rate
9-12 You are definitely local.

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Portugal Day 2012 at Kennington Park

11 Jun

Portugal Day is celebrated on June 10 each year commemorating the death in 1580 of the Portuguese literary icon Luís Vaz de Camões who wrote an epic poem covering Portugal’s history (See wikipedia article). In recent years and event has been held in Kennington Park to celebrate the day.  Here are some pictures taken at the event over the weekend


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Offley Works ‘secret’ room mystery

05 Jun

Does anyone know the story behind the ‘secret’ dungeon-like room in Offley Works? It’s covered wall to wall with cut out faces? Pehaps we shouldn’t ask but as Offley Works is due to be re-developed it would be nice to get to the bottom of this small piece of local history before things start to change too much.

Offley Works was used as a printers for a period in the 1960s but some of the pictures appear to date from the 1930s. In particular, one of the cut outs is a poster of ‘Sylvia Subsitutes’ by Frank E Marks a reference to bedtime stories pulp type magazine from 1934. Presumably the secret room ‘decor’ dates from around that time. Alternatively it might be some old publications that were cut up some time later.
Please leave a comment if you have any ideas.

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The lost railings of Kennington Green

05 Jun

Have you noticed the changes at Kennington Green?  
While doing a tour of local Jubilee parties yesterday, I was surprised to find the railings around the green missing.  For some time the green had been closed to the public for “health and safety reasons” due to “excessive amounts of dog fouling”. It’s nice to see it open again but it did make me feel as if a friend with long locks turned up with their head completely shaven – it will take a little getting used to

For those who don’t know the history of this space, it occupies a plot of land formed when a new road was built between Westminster Bridge, which opened in 1750, and Kennington Common. In 1780, Kennington Green (on Kennington Road) was a pond named after Sir Joseph Mawbey-a local land owner. The pond was connected by a ditch to nearby Vauxhall Creek. When the area was redeveloped with new housing, residents filled in the pond and fenced it in. Kennington Green currently has four trees within its’ perimeter but is surrounded by more trees on the adjacent pavement.

No doubt opinions will differ on whether the green is better without the railings. Here are a few pictures so you can make your own mind up

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