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Bokit’La at Oval Farmers Market

22 Apr

It’s amazing how the Oval Farmers’ Market manages to be both local and international at the same time.  I had my first bokit yesterday at the Bokit’La stall and was very impressed with both the food and service. The bokit, also known a the ‘creole burger’ or ‘Guadelope sandwich, is a French Carribean dish.   Delicious – definitely worth a try.

Having checked their website out, I see that the owners met at a swimming club.  As it happens, I had my first outdoor swim of the season at Brockwell Park Lido in the morning and I can testify that a bokit is just the thing to warm you up afterwards.


Lambs at Vauxhall City Farm

22 Apr

Popped around to Vauxhall City Farm today.  The lambs were gorgeous but weren’t co-operating with my attempts to photograph them.  Another was hiding behind the door when this was taken.

Why is that when we see lambs we all want to say “ahhh…”.
It must be genetic.


Wisterias blooming nicely

15 Apr

Isn’t life wonderful…It’s amazing the difference a few weeks can make at this time of year.


The first blooms on this wisteria in Claylands Road started to appear in late March.  These two pictures were taken just 18 days apart and there are probably a few more blooms to come.



Old smoking advert

13 Apr

Old smoking advertOn Radio 4 Question Time this evening, Harriet Harman mentioned old faded smoking adverts.  Perhaps it was this one in Brixton Road she was referring to.  It reads…

“For your throats take smoke

The Worlds Premier Corktipped Cigarette”

Could you imagine anyone trying to use this slogan in a modern advertising campaign? If you look carefully the brand name appears to have been removed.  I’m not sure what the circumstances were but this reminds me of those times in history when unwelcome names/images were removed for example Pharaoh Hapshepsut of Egypt etc.  I wonder whether this advert will survive as a reminder of what some people used to believe.


The best local potatoes

02 Apr

Genetic testing of wild potatoes indicates that they originated in Southern Peru – not Ireland, North America or the market at New Covent Garden.   Whatever their origins, I am fairly certain where you can get the best local baked potatoes –Lardon’s stall at the Oval Farmers’ Market.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed baked potatoes as they take time to do properly and it’s all too  easy to opt for something quicker. This BBC recipe for baked potatoes takes 30 minutes to prepare and a further 90 minutes to cook. Ok, you could microwave the potato in 11 minutes but it isn’t the same.

The next time you are at the Oval Farmer’s Market say hello to Patrice Lardon (see picture) and give some of his baked potatoes a try.  He has a wide range of fillings on offer to suit all tastes and you will not be disappointed -I’m getting hungry thinking about it!



Busy day for Harleyford Road Community Gardens volunteers

01 Apr

If you haven’t discovered Bonnington Square yet and the short cut through Harleyford Road Community Gardens then it’s about time you did.  The garden dates from about 1984 when local residents began to grow vegetables on a disused plot of land.  The Harleyford Rd Garden  Association was set up to help develop the gardens which were  designed and laid out between 1986 and 1988.  The gardens continue to be maintained by local residents. The photo  above shows some of the volunteers stopping for a well deserved cup of tea this afternooon.  This year’s  open day will be on 10 June 2012 so if you get a chance do pop along.