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10 ways to have lunch at Oval Farmers’ Market

27 Mar

It seems that the Oval Farmers’ Market has become the local place to have lunch on Saturdays. Last weekend I counted 10 completely different ways and that’s in addition to what you might cook for yourself from the fruit, vegetables, meat, fish etc. on offer. What will you be having for lunch next Saturday?



Perpetrators purloin plants from planters but don’t blame local youths

26 Mar

It was disappointing to learn that a very small minority of presumably local people choose to steal plants whether it be from local parks or private gardens. On this occasion, several plants have again been stolen from the planters around Claylands Green. The planters are tended by local residents who purchase replacements so that the displays can be maintained for the benefit of all.

Such thefts may be a low priority for the police and of course wouldn’t merit an appearance on Crimewatch but they do set a bad example. Local youths are often blamed for-well being young really-but this is one crime they are unlikely to be the perpetrators of. The type of plants being stolen indicate someone with a knowledge of plants probably stealing for their own use. If they joined in with the community in helping to maintain green spaces no doubt a few bulbs or cuttings could have been provided by neighbours free of charge. As it is they have commited a crime. There are a lot of cameras around the neighbourhood and hopefully the thieves will eventually get caught.

If you look closely at the signs in the planters they say ‘RIP’ in memory of the plants that have been stolen!


Seasons progress and wisterias start to bloom

26 Mar

It is an interesting thought that seasons progress westwards around the earth at a gentle walking pace. You could easily keep up with them if you had a convenient road to walk on. At the equator they progress at less than 5 kilometres per hour. The further North you get the easier it is. At London’s latitude the seasons are progressing at less than 2 kilometres per hour. Next time you walk across Vauxhall Bridge towards Victoria keep in mind that you probably moving faster than the seasons.

Last week it was the turn of local wisterias to start blooming a sure sign that Spring has arrived. Here are some pictures. The first shows an unpromising looking wisteria bud. The second was one of the first wisteria buds in the neighbourhood to start blooming. As you might gather I’m a wisteria fan.


Eric Gill and Belgrave Hospital for Children

25 Mar

Arthur Eric Rowton Gill (1882 – 1940) was a sculptor, typeface designer, stonecutter and printmaker associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. He is probably best known for the font which bears his name – ‘Gill Sans’.

The local connection is that he is reputed to have carved the sign for the Belgrave Children’s Hospital for Children on the Clapham Road shown below. Building began in 1899 and the partially completed building was first occpied in 1903.  It was not finished until 1926.  He is also reported to have done some carving work on  Christ Church Brixton road.




Spring time in Vauxhall Park

25 Mar

Don’t forget the egg hunt at Vauxhall Park next saturday-31 March.

This is an annual event organised by the Friends of Vauxhall Park. The group started in 1999 and without their continuing efforts the park would not have won the coveted green flag award for the fourth year running. The park was looking exceptionally nice to day particuarly if you get up close. Here are a collection of pictures taken today.


Sunny spring day at the Oval Farmers’ Market

25 Mar

Yesterday was a very sunny spring day and local residents were out in force at the Oval Farmers’ Market. I counted ten different stalls that you could get lunch from and most seemed fairly busy. I’ve been taking photographs at the market for a year or so now but am still trying to get a picture that captures the essence of the market. This panoramic shot seems to be getting a little closer.


Tree graffiti

20 Mar

Damaged tree in St Marks Churchyard

Can graffiti serve a useful purpose or is it just mindless vandalism?

If you regularly go to the Oval Farmers’ Market on saturdays, you may well have passed this damaged tree but not really noticed it. Next time, take a closer look. I’m not sure how the tree originally got damaged.  Perhaps it was vandalised, perhaps not. Whatever the cause, the graffiti caught my attention.

“This is an open wound. Please heal me”

Is this mindless vandalism or a fair observation?

Not sure what the cure for missing bark on an old tree is.  Apparently freshly removed bark can be taped back on and this helps the tree heal itself.  This raises the obvious question -If you took bark from another type of tree, would that be barking up the wrong tree?


Graffiti on tree on St Marks Churchyard


Happy Mothers Day

18 Mar

The tradition of giving flowers on Mothers Day/Mothering Sunday reportedly dates back to a time when children were in service and were given a day off to go home and see their mothers [Mother Church in some traditions]. As they returned home along country lanes they would pick flowers on the way. These days, picking flowers is a little more difficult and they certainly shouldn’t be taken from parks or neighbours’ gardens without permission. Luckily, there is a modern equivalent. Here are a selection of photos taken around the neighbourhood yesterday.


Jupiter and Venus over St George Wharf Pier

14 Mar

For those who have been busy looking at plans of tall buildings reaching for the sky, let’s not forget what’s already up there.

Jupiter and Venus appear close together at the moment. While the Vision for Vauxhall event was going on this was the view over St George Wharf Pier. Don’t forget to have a look over the next night or so as they won’t be this close again for a while.


Rose Bed Sunday at Kennington Park

11 Mar

The Friends of Kennington Park held one of their Sunday morning gardening sessions today. The priority was some of the rose beds near the Albert Cottages.

It was amazing to see the difference a few volunteers made in just two hours.  A little bit of hoeing, weeding and pruning should ensure that the rose beds will be at their best later in the year.  It is important that local people support their local parks and green spaces and try to find a little time each year to help out.  Chloe Thomas, one of the Friends, is encouraging local people who are on facebook to ‘like’ them.  If your are on facebook please take a few moments to check out Friends of Kennington Park facebook page.