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Pimp my wheelchair

10 Dec

Today I was visiting the Vauxhall Memories Christmas dinner at the Vauxhall/spring gardens community centre. I met this delightful lady, a former singer, and promised to publish her picture.

Pimping wheelchairs was the last thing on my mind today but how else could it be described (:-)

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Oval Station – Thought for the day – The right way

09 Dec
Oval Station-Thought for the day

Oval Station-Thought for the day


Oval Station -the right way is right

If you are a regular user of the Oval Station you will have noticed the ‘thought for the day’ at the top of the escalators. When you get to the bottom of the escalator you are probably like the 75% of people in this picture and go through the ‘No Entry’ sign to the Northern Line. If I may offer a suggestion for a future thought for the day.

The right way is the right way

You can’t argue with that

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Claylands Green Action day

04 Dec

The Claylands Green Action Day has a good turnout on Saturday (3rd December 2011). Over the course of the day, more than 20 people turned out to help carry out those small taks that never seem to get done. Local residents, councillors and a team from Lambeth were painting the rails, signs and bench, planting a few bulbs, installing three new planters etc. The most important thing though, was an excuse for local people to get together and enjoy their local green. A particular thanks to those involved in organising this. There are probably a few locations around the neighbourhood that could benefit from this type of community spirit so let’s have more of these events please. Here are some photos from the day.

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