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About us

  The Oval Partnership (now registered as Oval Community Partnership) was founded in 2001 to improve the quality of life for people living or working in and around the Oval ward (Kennington Oval Vauxhall area).  We seek to achieve this by:

    Membership of the Oval Partnership is open to local residents, organisations, businesses and employees.

     Since 2001 many local residents and organisations have supported the work of the Oval Partnership but a particular thanks are owed to the UK Lottery, which funded us during the early years, and Hyde Housing who gave practical support and offices at 1a Lockwood House, Kennington Park estate.  From 2010, our registered address is nearby at Montgomery Hall, 58 Kennington Oval.  

  Following the untimely death of our Chairman Ghislaine Stewart earlier in 2011, the directors of the Oval Partnership are as follows:

Lockwood House

     The Oval Partnership is best known for  the Oval Farmer’s Market.  The market provides local employment and is, arguably, the centre of the local community -at least on Saturdays.

      We would like to build on that success and have been planning, since 2009, to take on what will be our largest project to date -£1M of improvements to the St Marks Churchyard.   The grounds look picturesque but there is a lot of work to be done:

    The site is already a good community space but we would like to see it used to its full potential.  We have already prepared plans and consulted on them.  The next step is to apply for full planning permission for the proposed works.  To keep costs down we will be looking for volunteers to carry out certain aspects of the work.  If you are interested in helping out or just want to make contact please e-mail to  info@ovalpartnership.org.uk

     Despite the economic difficulties of the world, we do believe this project is worth pursuing.  The proposal will bring additional local employment opportunities to the area and will unlock the potential of the site so that other community groups can benefit.  We have already come a long way and, with the support of the local community, Lambeth, St Marks and other stakeholders, we will be successful.  

Montgomery Hall

Montgomery Hall, 58 Kennington Oval
(Registered office for Oval Partnership from 2010)

1a Lockwood House, Kennington Park Estate
(Registered office for Oval Partnership 2001-10)

    The management committee meets once per month at a variety of local venues including the conference room at Ludlow Thompsons, the Roebuck in Ashmole Street and Ashmole Tenants Hall.  There are too many local venues to use them all but we like to promote and support local businesses and community facilities where we can.  

    Members and visitors are always welcome at our meetings but please contact us first to check arrangements.


     To ensure a quick response to correspondence and to keep costs to the minimum, we prefer communication to be sent by email to:


When and where we meet

Achievements and priorities for coming year

Oval Farmers Market-relaxing on the grass St Marks Church Kennington-broken railings St Marks Church Kennington St MArks Church Kennington-rear view St Marks Church Kennington-headstones Oval Partnership meeting in the Ludlow Thompson conference room