Local History

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Archbishop Tenison School Lilian Bayliss Technology School

Archbishop Tenison School

The Archbishop Tenison School (Church of England) was founded in 1685.  It was one of several schools founded by Archbishop Thomas Tenison-an educational evangelist.

The school caters for some 500 pupils aged 11 to 18.  It is predominately a boys school but does admit girls in the sixth form.  In 2003 it became a specialist art college

Lilian Bayliss Technology School

Work in progress

Stockwell Park School

Work in progress

Secondary schools


There  are two secondary schools in the immediate neighbourhood:

Archbishop Tennison (Church of England)

Lilian Bayliss Technology

Compared with primary schools, children travel much further to their secondary schools and it is therefore not surprising that many local children will attend schools outside the immediate area.  The nearest schools  just outside the neighbourhood are:

Stockwell Park

Pimlico Academy