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Vauxhall Park (1890)

Vauxhall Park is an award winning Lambeth park .  It opened in 1890 and is approximately 8.5 acres in size.  Facilities include tennis courts, the Parco Cafe and one of Lambeth’s better playgrounds.   

IThe Friends of Vauxhall Park have helped the park win the Green Flag Award (the gold standard for parks and open spaces) in 2010 -for the fourth year running.  They also have a detailed history of the park (see Part I and Part II ).

Like many developments in the neighbourhood, Vauxhall Park owes its existence to a small group of people who won support for their cause.  Henry Fawcett (1833-1884) had expressed the wish that a park be formed on the site.  His wife, Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Octavia Hill(co-founder of the National Trust) , Mark Beaufoy (MP for Kennington)and the Kyrle Society took up the cause.  In 1886/87 a local developer was persuaded to sell the 8.5 acres and the land was purchased under the Vauxhall Park Act 1888. The park was drained and laid out to a design by Fanny R Wilkinson.  She was one of the few female landscape designers at the time.

The park remains an important asset for the local community ably supported by the Friends of Vauxhall Park.  The Easter egg hunt and the summer fair that they organise are an essential part of the neighbourhood’s social calendar.

Vauxhall Park - Fountain Vauxhall Park - miniature village Vauxhall Park - playground Vauxhall Park - playground