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Spring Gardens / Vauxhall Gardens

Spring gardens is a Lambeth Park on the site of the former Vauxhall [Pleasure] Gardens.  

From the mid 17th century to the mid 19th century Vauxhall Gardens, originally New Spring Gardens, was one of the leading venues for public entertainment in London.  The gardens consisted of several acres of trees and shrubs with attractive walks.  Initially free, the site became Vauxhall Gardens in 1785 and an admission was charged.  Attractions included hot air balloon ascents, tight rope walkers, a rococo ‘Turkish Tent’.

Following bankruptcy, it was sold at auction in 1841 for £20,000 but re-opened.  It finally closed in 1859.  The gardens were divided into 300 building plots and sold off. One of the first buildings was St Peters Church.    Vauxhall Gardens were lost forever...or so it was thought.  Following the Blitz the site was cleared and the current Spring Gardens emerged.  With the Vauxhall City Farm the extent of the former Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens can still be appreciated.

Vauxhall Gardens - Spring Gardens - Basketball court Vauxhall Gardens - Spring Gardens Vauxhall City Farm From Vauxhall Gardens