Local History

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Parks and green spaces

A map of 1753 (North points downwards) shows the neighbourhood still fairly rural with ribbon development (houses built along main roads).  Kennington Common is present as are Spring Gardens.  Just off the map are the gallows which were last used in 1799.    

As cities develop, the pressure to use available space increases.  Spring Gardens were, in part, sold off for development.  They might have been lost for good had it not been for a local will to preserve some land.

Kennington Park/Common (circa 16th Century - park from 1854)

Spring Gardens / Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (circa 17th century)
Kennington Green (~1750)
Claylands Green (1838)

Cleaver Square

Hanover Gardens
Vauxhall Park (1890)

Harleyford Road Community Gardens(1986)

Bonnington Square Garden(1994)

Green spaces should not be taken for granted as many are potentially under threat.  For example, the images below show the Vauxhall Island adjacent to the Vauxhall bus station.  Although the plethora of advertising hoarding may be a financial benefit they do detract from a potentially beautiful green space.