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Claylands Green

Using  the green

Claylands green snow fight Claylands Green snowman and friend

How the green gets used

    The slide show on the right shows a selection of photos from the Claylands Green lunch in 2011.  Apart from being used for community events like this, the green is used in numerous way some less obvious than others.  It is a place to

    There are also some negative uses like fly tipping and illegal parking but let’s not dwell on them.  Bonfires used to be a regular ‘community’ event each year but, supposedly, a mulberry tree was set afire and the practice was stopped.  

    On a daily basis residents can enjoy the view. The picture showing two smiling residents isn’t surprising given their particular view of the green (see right).

    The green has a single bench which is well used. In spite the position of the paving, people often sit with their backs to the green!  Although the view would be better if they turned around perhaps they feel safer with the green behind them.

    When the snow falls there is almost an inevitable Claylands snowman  and snow ball fights and it snot just the children taking part.  The green certainly gets used all year round

    NOTE: Perhaps you are wondering how the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea developments can be monitored from Claylands green?  Stand at the corner of Trigon and Claylands Road.  Locate Sirinham Point -the large tower block on the Ashmole Estate.  Above the houses to the immediate left of the tower you will see the top of St George Wharf. Look left again and Vauxhall Tower is starting to raise its’ head (it was 28 floors at the time of writing but is heading for 50)  Market Towers is also visible but it will be knocked down and replaced with something even taller.  One small benefit of tall buildings though.  If you look to the left again you will see the BT building -Keybridge House.  If you had a very very powerful zoom lens you might be able to see the peregrine falcons when they are nesting.