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Claylands Green

Caring for the green

Planting the planter Claylands Green Action Day -Tea time

Cutting the grass

One of the few legitimate reasons for driving on Claylands Green is when the grass needs to be cut.  Reportedly, the green used to be cut eight times per year but the frequency has since reduced.  As can be seen in this picture, the grass seems to have been allowed to grow too long for optimum results.


Claylands Green is managed by Lambeth Parks. The majority of maintenance is carried out by the council’s contactor Veolia ES Lambeth

but some is undertaken by local people.  

Although the majority of local people respect the green, a few abuse it by fly tipping, failing to pick up dog waste or driving inappropriately on the green.

Our Assessment

An excellent green space but undermined by the behaviour of a few.

Events such as the Claylands Green action day are to be commended.  

The waste bin should be removed as it encourages fly tipping.

The two utility boxes should be re-sited away from the green.

The dog bin is damaged and should be re-sited and replaced with one of a less intrusive design

One of the two public information signs should be removed and replaced with one of a less intrusive design.

The frequency of grass cutting and pruning should be monitored to ensure value for money.

Tidying up Claylands Green

Day to day care of the green

Local bins may get emptied once per week but some residents help out by picking up litter that others leave behind.  Unfortunately, even if you wanted to pick up litter there is often nowhere to put it.  The local bin is almost invariably full due to inappropriate use as shown in the picture below.

Dog fouling appears less of an issue than it has in the past but a poorly maintained and badly sited dog bin does not help maintain standards.

[By chance, the low angle of the sun shows what the potential effect of tall buildings would be on a  green space .  Although Claylands Green will not be affected by tall buildings, places like Vauxhall Park will be].

Claylands Green action day

The following pictures are from the Claylands Green action day held on Saturday 3rd November.  For a few hours, local residents got together and did some of those tasks that don’t take very long but are easy to keep putting off.

The council donated a skip, staff and some tools and ,within a few hours, the green was looking the best it has for some time.  

This was certainly a successful event and hopefully it will repeated not just in Claylands green but elsewhere.