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Claylands Green

Abusing the green

How the green gets abused

    Claylands Green gets abused in main ways:

   The dog problem seems to have improved recently but is not helped by the poor position of the dog bin.  Cars driving on the green are, perhaps, an inevitable consequence of dubious planning -houses being built where there was once a road but little thought given to access.



    The main problem seems to be fly-tipping which may be defined as inappropriate disposal of waste.  The first picture shows a typical scene on waste collection day when residents didn’t put their waste out early enough.  Rather than wait, they dump in on the green.  

   The slide show on the right shows one week in the life of the Claylands green bin.  It would be nice to report that this was not a typical week but it was a survey and this is what happened.


  Inconsiderate planning

   It is surprising how often simple planning choices seem to err on the side of blunder.  For example, the traffic camera inside the branches of a mature tree on Clapham Road so that its vision would be impaired.  The decisions may be functional and well intentioned but in the case of Claylands Green and nearby verges the positioning of utility boxes, dog

    To illustrate the point here is the effect of ‘clutter’ around Claylands Green and the verges.bin and information signs leave something to be desired.  

    Perhaps it might be better if the community groups were consulted on the precise positioning of signs, utility and street clutter so that the impact can be minimised.  The standard achieved by the professionals leaves a little to be desired.

Claylands Green bin on waste collection day