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Furniture Aid South Thames (1994-2011)

Furniture Aid South Thames

This section covers some of the business and organisations that have been either occupiers or tenants of Offley Works.  Some of these have gone on to be very successful businesses.  Their stories are open ended and ,no doubt, there are important gaps.  We would like to hear from anyone who has ever worked in Offley Works or knows something about the site/previous occupiers. Offley Works has played an important part in local history and we would like to celebrate that in full.  If you have anything to share please e-mail mj.keane@ovalpartnership.org.uk

JA Sharwood & Co Ltd (1899-1963)

Offley Works was purpose built for JA Sharwood & Co Ltd in 1899.  Improvements were made to the building in 1907 and offices added on Offley Road in 1956 replacing houses that had been bombed during the second world war. In 1963, Sharwoods was acquired by RHM (Rank Hovis McDougall) and the buildings were put up for auction in 1964.  RHM merged with Premier Foods in 2007 but Sharwoods remains a successful and well loved brand to this day (see Sharwoods story for more information).

White Bros (Printers) Ltd (1960s - 1980s?)

White Bros (Printers) Ltd, also known as ‘Whites’, was a printing company based at Offley Works [dates to be confirmed]. In 1965 [possibly 1966] Christies, the world famous fine art auction house,  acquired Whites for £38,000.  A Times advert of 12 November 1973 relating to the public share offering of Christies indicates that Whites were producing not only Christies UK catalogues but also catalogues for many of the finest London galleries.  In 1973 the business evolved into  Christie’s International Media Division Limited.

Starlight Music Academy

Work in progress -more details required

Alan Scott Costumes

Work in progress -more details required

Offley Works occupiers/tenants