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Notable local buildings and land marks

Here are a selection of notable buildings in and around the Kennington Oval Vauxhall area

List of notable buildings and land marks
(in the order of being built)

Brunswick House (1758)
St Anne and All Saints Church (1793 rebuilt 1876)
Oval White House (1794-5)
Vauxhall Bridge (1816 rebuilt 1906)
St Marks Church (1824)
Claylands Congregational Church (1836 - now closed)
Imperial Court (1836)
Vauxhall Station (1848)
St Peters Church (1860)
Lambeth Bridge (1862 rebuilt 1932)
St Stephens Church (1861 rebuilt 1967)

St Peters Italian Church (Chiesa del Redentore) (1863)

St Agnes Church (1878 rebuilt 1958)
Christ Church (????)
South Lambeth (Free Tate) Library (1888)
Durning Library (1889)
Minet Library (1890)
Oval Underground Station (1890)
Kennington Underground Station (1890)
Calvary Church of God in Christ (1890)
Wheatsheaf Community Centre (1896)
Belgrave Hospital for Children (1899)
Offley Works (1899)
St Annes RC Church (1903)
St Anselms Church (1933)
St George Wharf (2000)