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St Anne and All Saints (1793 rebuilt 1876)

Of all the churches in the neighbourhood, the story behind St Anne and All Saints Church (Church of England) provides an important insight about what the area was like before it became urbanised.  

Most of Vauxhall was marshland.  The nearest church was Saint Mary’s next to Lambeth Palace.  In order to get to church people had to cross the marsh.  Although the journey seems relatively short in modern terms, about 1 mile, in the 18th century, the journey was considered dangerous.  Fear of robbers laying in wait may have made some reluctant to attend church.  Whatever the precise reasons, local people felt the need to petition for the right to build their own church and in 1793, a ‘chapel of ease’, in the Parish of St Mary, was built.  In 1869, it became the parish church for the newly created Parish of St Anne.  The church was rebuilt in 1876 to a design by the architect R Parkinson.

The church was damaged in World War II and was rebuilt internally in 1958/59.  A new floor was inserted and the church is now at first level with the hall in the semi-basement beneath

St Anne and All Saints Church