Local History

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Christ Church, Brixton Road can probably lay claim to being one of most eye catching buildings in the area.  The style is Byzantine.  

The brickwork is worth a very close look at (see picture below).  It has stock brick walls relieved by bands of purple Berkhampstead bricks and Portland Stone dressings abnd recessed pointing. (pointing refers to how the gaps between the bricks are treated)

Christ Church, Brixton Road

At the corner of the church you can find the Cafe Van Gogh (Currently closed I believe).  The name is not frivolous.  Vincent Van Gogh lived in a near by house between 1873 and 1874 and is commemorated with a blue plaque,

Not surprisingly, Christ Church is a grade II listed building.

Christ Church Brixton Rd Van Gogh Cafe Christ Church Brixton Rd Christ Church Brixton Rd brickwork detail