Oval Partnership Briefing Note

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Shopping parades

The neighbourhood has six main shopping areas:

Also worth mentioning though not a conventional shopping parade are the ...

One thing all of these areas have in common is that they are situated on A class roads.  That means they have lots of passing traffic and potential customers.  There is another thing they all have in common.  None of the main shopping areas has a public car park which means that local businesses, for the most part, cannot take full advantage of passing trade.  It has been said that we should be ‘Promoting the neighbourhood as a place to go to, not a place to go through’.  . Those familiar will local parking arrangements will know that parking in side streets (particularly with the prospect of fees rising to £4 per hour) is a poor alternative to a car park.  As a result the neighbourhood is a place to go through and not to.

Shopping parade opposite Kennington Park Shopping parade South Lambeth Road Shopping parade Kennington Road leading to Kennington Cross

Clapham Road (A3) -Oval Station to Fentiman Road

1. Convenience store, 2. News agent, 3. Lontasa Restaurant (closed), 4. Solicitor, 5. Employment Agency , 6. China Shop (Closed), 7. Kebab shop, 8. Dry cleaners, 9. ATASA Electrical, 10. Beauty Clinic, 11. Vitellow Pharmacy, 12. Oval Lounge, 13. Offices, 14 Tailors (), [Claylands road: 15. Launderette, 16 Henris Cafe, 17. Office, 18. Fish and Chip shop, 19. Economy windscreens] 20. Vitellow Pharmacy 21. Oval Lounge 22 Mini cab office 23 Pats Furniture (closed) , 24. Betting shop, 25. Ludlow Thomson (sales), 26. Threshers Off Licence(closed), 27. Ludlow Thompson (lettings), 28. Monteiro Clinic, 29 Greyhound Pub, 30 Convenience store, 31 Chicken Palace, 32 Smile SE11 Dentist, 33 Lusitana Cafe,34 Hanover Arms, 35 Oval Cafe, 36 Oval Shoe repairs