Oval Partnership Briefing Note

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The NHS is often cited as being one of the largest employers but the health care industry as a whole is much larger.  It is not surprising then the ‘business’ of health care plays a significant role in the local economy.  The nearest hospitals are St Thomas and Kings College. Although there are no hospitals in the immediate neighbourhood,  numerous residents will be employed by the NHS or elsewhere in the health care industry. For example there are some 5 GP practices within about 0.5  mile of the Oval Station and 20 within 1 mile.

Healthcare businesses have a strong presence in many commercial areas

In planning terms, pharmacies are classified differently from other types of healthcare business.  A typical neighbourhood pharmacy is a retail pharmacy with a planning use clsas of A1 - Shop.  Ogther health care businesses are covered by D1  to be covered by a different planning use class