Oval Partnership Briefing Note

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Local Estate Agents

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Average house prices  by post code

January 2011




Total properties for sale




Mean asking price




Median asking price




Mean time on market

170 days

146 days

197 days

Whether we choose to buy our own home or rent, it will be the biggest investment most of us will ever make. Estate agents are part of this process helping us buy, sell or let property.  They are also an essential part of the local economy and an important influence on local shopping parades/high streets.  The buying and selling part of estate agency work is governed by the Estate Agent Act 1979.  Internet companies who purely advertise properties are not estate agents.  However, if such companies are involved in sending out property particulars or arranging viewings etc., they are covered by the Act. Although the internet may be the best place to find a property, local estate agents remain the best place to sell or buy.  The staff there will have a detailed knowledge of the neighbourhood and the local market

The following tables shows some statistics for local property by main post code The median price is the middle price.  It means 50% of the properties were cheaper and 50% dearer.  It is a better measure than the more familiar mean which can be skewed by expensive properties.

The neighbourhood is well served by local estate agents including a cluster of nine around the Kennington Cross area.  Others can be found on the Clapham Road, two on the Brixton Road etc. Estate agents often support their local community in various ways. You may occasionally see their signs advertising school fairs.  Some community support is less visible.  For example, Ludlow Thompson has frequently sponsored Oval Partnership events.

The following is a list of some local estate agents with links through to their main websites.  The foundation year is also indicated where known.

As expensive properties can skew the mean asking price it is better to consider the median price.  This is the price at which exactly half of property asking prices are more and half are less.   In combination, these statistics can be used to determine how the residential part of the local economy is behaving.  As commercial properties are fewer and the types of businesses, so varied there are there are no simples statistics to monitor what is going on with the commercial aspects of the local economy.

Burns and Shield estate agents