Oval Partnership Briefing Note

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The Vauxhall Tower is a high rise residential block currently under construction (see picture). The tower is also being promoted as The Tower, 1 St George Wharf (The construction progress section contains some interesting time lapse videos charting the building’s progress).

The tower occupies a site that had been derelict for some 40 years.  It will eventually be 50 storeys (some 180m) high. This will make it the highest residential block in Britain.

It was designed by architects Broadway Malyan for St George (the developers). The innovative design was first put to the public in 2000 but planning permission was not granted until 2005 by John Prescott, then Deputy Prime Minister.  There was considerable initial resistance because of the impact on the skyline of the Palace of Westminster (a World Heritage Site) but this has since abated.

Like many modern buildings, environmental considerations are a pre-requisite.  Features of this development include:

It is estimated that the overall energy costs of the building will be one third of a conventional tall building.

The floor plan of the building was inspired by a Catherine wheel and there will be 5 apartments on most floors

In total, the tower will have 223 apartments.  40% of ‘affordable housing is supplied in the neighbouring St George Wharf

At ground level, public space will link with the court yards in the neighbouring St George Wharf development

Vauxhall Tower (Due to open 2014)