Oval Partnership Briefing Note

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Vauxhall Square (Due to open by 2017)

Vauxhall Square is a proposed £250M mixed use development by CLS holdings.  They have been investors in the area for over 20 years and their plan would provide:

Planning permission will be sought later in 2011 and, if granted, could mean that Vauxhall Square would be up and running by 2017.  However, the developers have stated that progress will depend on prevailing economic conditions.


It is expected that the proposed developments in the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea (VNEB) Opportunity Area will result in increased pedestrian traffic densities around the Vauxhall Cross area.  To help address this a an ‘innovative linear walkway’ was proposed.  This will help avoid dangerous densities building up and make it much safer for pedestrians. However, this proposal did not have the support of the local community and has now been withdrawn.  In remains to be seen how ‘dangerous densities’ will be avoided.