Oval Partnership Briefing Note

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Vauxhall Sky Gardens

The 2010 planning application for Sky Gardens at Vauxhall (opposite Sainsburys, Nine elms)  is a 35 storey (120m) mixed used building  including 239 residential units, 4,722 sq. m. of commercial (B1 office) floorspace, 257 sq. m. of retail or community floor space, amenity space and new vehicular access.  

The original design (at 130m tall) for Fraser Properties was by  Amin Taha Architects with Carey Jones Architects.  Having obtained planning permission for this taller building in 2008 (see top picture), a similar but less ambitious design has been proposed (see bottom picture).

The development explores  models for dense living, as much as planning authorities will allow, while maintaining  high living standards.  The building would include two communal ‘sky-gardens’, each being triple height and taking up the entire floor.  The gardens increase the chance for social interaction in what might otherwise be and anonymous tower block.  For 9 months of the year, there would be sufficient space to grow a salad box for every household.

Vauxhall Sky Gardens-first proposal Vauxhall Sky Gardens-second proposal