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Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea (VNEB) Opportunity Area

The VNEB Opportunity Area is one of a number referred to in the London Plan.  It is a 195 hectare (0.75 square mile) area stretching between Lambeth Bridge and Chelsea Bridge. Overall plans for the area include:

For more details see the VNEB OA planning framework.

The Oval Partnership has prepared a number of briefing notes on major developments in the area (see list below). The briefing notes will be revised as new information emerges.  For the latest official information see corresponding developers links on right

Oval Partnership Briefing Notes

Ofifcial/developer websites

    (also see The Tower, 1 St George Wharf )

Our assessment

The developments in VNEB OA will bring significant benefits to the area.

Some of the proposed developments are too intensive and should be scaled back.

The design of some developments does not appear to have a long shelf life.  Like Market Towers, some may be pulled down within 40 years.   

As yet, insufficient attention has been paid to impact on local road structure and surrounding commercial areas

Given the high dwelling densities more green space is required.    We would like a solution which makes it possible for people to walk/cycle from Spring Gardens and Vauxhall Park to Battersea Park etc. through a predominately green landscape.The linear park pays lip service to the concept but it is not yet adequate.

It should be possible to walk/cycle all the way along the river including, somehow, the waste transfer station at Battsersea.

Much of the financial benefits accrue to Wandsworth at the expense of Lambeth. Given that 16,000 new homes are planned perhaps the boundaries should be looked at.