Oval Partnership Briefing Note

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Land and Property

The neighbourhood has a complex mix of residential, commercial and public areas.  In January there were almost 700 properties on the market (SW8, SW9 and SE11 combined). On average, properties had been on the market for almost 6 months (see local estate agents page for more property statistics)

Given how expensive land and property is, it seems surprising how much is unused.  For example, you may have noticed shops that have been empty for a year or more. Kelly’s pub at the corner or Dorset Road and the Cricketers Pub behind the Brit Oval have both been closed for a while.  Offley Works, owned by the London development Agency, has been semi-derelict for some years. Similarly, the massive underground car parks of the Ashmole estate are locked up and no longer used.  The more you look. The more you find.

The reasons why such places remain unused may be extremely complex but here are some possible reasons:

Whatever the reason, the effect is the same.  Each day some land or property remains unused, is an opportunity lost. In the short term, this can only limit the growth of the local economy.  

The Oval Partnership would like to encourage investment in the area.  We would also like to encourage those who own or manage vacant/underused land and property in the area  to engage with their local community.  Maybe the community can help.   

It would be inappropriate to list every closed shop, vacant premises and empty plot of land in the neighbourhood. That is the job of estate agents.  However, there are some local plots of land/properties that, due to their size, visibility and elapsed time, have attracted some community interest.  The following map shows some of those sites.  Many of these have plans for further development and we will try to provide a progress report on each site over the coming months