Oval Partnership Briefing Note

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Local Democracy Briefing Note

Children are first introduced to democracy in their schools: one class of children- one vote, one teacher-one deciding vote.  The most important point about elections for children though is that many get the day off if their school happens to be used as a polling station.

Since 1989, voters in the Vauxhall constituency have consistently voted for Kate Hoey MP (Labour)  We may therefore reasonably conclude that this is a fairly safe seat for Labour.  However, Parliamentary Constituencies are much larger than electoral wards and the political prospects of councillors are more variable.  At local ward level fortunes seem to vary between Liberal Democrats and Labour.

Oval Ward

Princes Ward

Vassal Ward

Member of parliament

Parliamentary constituencies are much larger than electoral wards.  The Vauxhall constituency stretches from Waterloo to Clapham.  It is much larger that the traditional area of Vauxhall.  Kate Hoey has been an MP for the Vauxhall constituency since 1989.

The chart shows the distribution of votes between the main parties in the 2010 elections.


Lambeth has 21 electoral wards and 63 councillors who are elected by the community to help decide how the council should carry out its activities  They are not paid but do receive allowances.  As councillors, they have regular contact with the public through council meetings, surgeries and telephone calls etc,  As of the 2010 local elections here are the elected councillors for local wards.