Oval Partnership Briefing Note

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Community: Local groups, associations and societies

Parks and green spaces may have trees but they do not grow on them.  Neither do schools, shops, businesses, houses etc. grow on trees.  But, behind every such development, there were individuals or groups who gave time and resources to support a particular cause.  Not every development is positive but without the effort of those who champion such causes there would be no progress    Many of the developments in the neighbourhood are now over a hundred years of old so we can’t always be sure of the original motives of those involved but we do know the results.

Community assets like parks and public buildings are hard won.  They should not be taken for granted.  The community needs to keep providing support if they are to thrive.  The same is true for local shops and businesses.  If the community supports them local shopping parades with thrive if not the parades decay and die.  This is where groups such as the Oval Partnership can make a difference.  Our focus is on public realm projects which are difficult to achieve by other means.  

In addition to the work we do, there are many groups and associations based in and around the neighbourhood.  Each has its own focus but they are united by a common theme - groups of local people united in pursuit of a common cause.

Here are some:

Friends of parks etc.

    (formerly Friends of Spring Gardens)

Local resident groups / associations

    (For Bonnington Square, Langley Lane and Vauxhall Grove)

Area based groups


Wherever you live, it is always worth getting to know your local resident group/association.  Not every place is covered but if you can, making contact is a useful way of finding out what is going on.  

If you are regular users of particular parks you may care to join the relevant Friends group.  

If you know where to look there is a lot of useful information to be found.  If you are interested in local history check out the Vauxhall Society.  Area based groups like the Kennington Association also produce useful on line publications like Welcome to Kennington

Local charities are also worth getting to know like Furniture Aid South Thames which will accept donations of unwanted furniture (not junk though!)