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DRAFT A meeting was held today between the Oval Partnership/local business people (Michael Keane, Jade Castello, Mark Ryan and Barnaby Shaw) and Transport for London representatives at their offices in Albany House, Petty France. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss concerns about the Northern Line Extension and its impact on local businesses particularly […]

The next open meeting of the Oval Partnership will be held on Wednesday 10 July (7:00 for 7:30pm) at the Bee Urban/Kennington Park Keepers Lodge siteThe meeting is being held at this venue to highlight that this beautiful corner of Kennington Park is under threat of demolition (un-necessarily in my view) from the Northern Line […]

More than 50 people turned out on Saturday for the St Marks Churchyard makeover event. With the Princes Trust team from Friday, we can rightly claim to have put on Lambeth’s largest community Freshview event to date. Below are a few pictures with some more here. By any measure this was a successful event so much so that we […]

The St Marks churchyard makeover event got off to a good start today – It always pays to plan ahead. The skips, tools and materials arrived on time and, more importantly, people. Having seen what was achieved today, let’s give an extra special and warm community thank you to some local heroes: * Princes Trust […]

Lots of volunteers are expected on Saturday but let’s not forget they will need some materials to work with. This picture was taken at Travis Perkins – the largest local supplier of building materials. The right hand pallet in this picture has 25kg bags of Mcadam pothole repair material (we need 20 of these). To […]

This Saturday, we will be attempting a makeover of St Marks Churchyard (see pictures below)  in one day. The Oval Farmers’ Market is on at the same time so we won’t have far to go for refreshments. Lots of people have already committed to coming – ten the day before! We are still looking for […]

The driveway in front of St Marks Church has been patch repaired with concrete and has a number of potholes which become very evident when it rains. For best quality work such driveways should be hot laid with ashphalt.  This creates a consistent and durable finish but is expensive. Today we were testing the pothole repair system that will be used on […]

The weather is looking promising for Saturday at least according to this http://uk.weather.com/weather/10day-London-UKXX0085 but we’ll have to see nearer the time The relative merits of different types of paint for painting metal were being considered today. Choosing the right colours for playground equipment is not easy.  Most people suggest primary colours but which are best for the site?

The St Marks Churchyard makeover on the 21st July will be the first time a large group of local volunteers will have worked together on this particular site.  One of the biggest challenges will be co-ordinating the work – making sure the teams have enough people, tools and materials. Today some of the tasks the […]

Getting quotes for materials first thing this morning for next Saturday’s churchyard makeover. Picked up a bag of pot hole repair material -It’s best to test these things out first before making a commitment! Local residents, Anna, Claire and Tim were helping out with the volunteers recruitment – despite the rain, we’ve now potentially got […]