The St Marks churchyard makeover event got off to a good start today – It always pays to plan ahead. The skips, tools and materials arrived on time and, more importantly, people. Having seen what was achieved today, let’s give an extra special and warm community thank you to some local heroes:

* Princes Trust Kennington Centre – Rachel,Matthew and their team made a good start on repairing the mud patches
* Antonio – he carried forty 25kg bags on his own into the churchyard because a car prevented the lorry dropping the pallet off on site
* Rodney – he was getting the crypt toilets up and running

And lets not forget Keith from Lambeth who was dropping off the tools for the Lambeth Freshview Team. More thanks are due to the Lambeth Parks team who supplied some of the materials inlcluding top soil, mulch and compost etc. we are trying to source all of the materials for the event locally. The excellent hardware shop, Blissets, on the Brixton Road supplied the grass seeds – I suspect we’ll back for some other things tomorrow.